New technologies with outstanding functions can help businesses solve problems when faced with the problems of upgrading systems and handle failures from equipment and machines to reduce cost in the most optimal way.
The issues are raised such as:
• How to control machines and equipment to continuously operate production, to ensure production is carried out according to plan?
• Actively dealing with unexpected failures that can minimize costs in the most optimal way.
Therefore, solution to handle the above problem is extremely important in daily production and business activities of the business.

SIEMENS COMOS MRO solution with new functions can help businesses manage system maintenance, repair and development of production system. COMOS MRO is built on a unified database containing information about plant maintenance activities including premises, equipment, tools, spare parts and manpower for repair and maintenance. Users can access it through personal mobile devices for continuous updates. Thereby, helping managers make more accurate decisions.

Functions of the COMOS MRO software:

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Condition based maintenance
  • Corrective maintenance
  • Management of materials and equipment

  • Analysis and reporting
  • Access via mobile devices

The benefits of COMOS MRO:

  • Provide a comprehensive and efficient production strategy, process jobs, increase plant uptime, significantly reduce production costs
  • Reducing the need for stockpiling of raw materials and the time it takes to process problems that arise
  • Clearly support and manage all data, structure and history of the plant, information about operators and partners
  • Strong linkage between individual departments and management ensures efficient work assignments, significantly optimizing the workflow

For businesses looking for the most optimal way to handle information flows and work efficiency, COMOS MRO is the solution that businesses need to minimize negative impacts. Streamlined data management luggage. COMOS MRO is widely used in industries such as automobile assembly, food & beverage manufacturing, energy manufacturing, electricity, oil and gas, ...

ESTEC is an official partner of Siemens in Vietnam in consulting and building COMOS MRO solutions with a variety of models and systems based on the goals of each company. With a team of engineers experienced in many industries and well trained. ESTEC is confident to provide the leading solution for COMOS MRO systems.

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