In the era of 4.0, measurement has been increasingly focused on scientific and technological development, promoting the accuracy of production, helping the economical use of resources and energy, ensuring production safety until protect health and the environment.
In addition to the increasingly widespread automation in manufacturing, smart measuring technology technology that integrates wireless data extraction and transmission is currently applied to electricity meters, petrol meters, and systems. cruise monitoring system, automatic environmental monitoring system ...
In industry, measurement plays a decisive role in the performance, quality and efficiency of control and automation systems; increase labor productivity, reduce defective products, poor quality, reduce waste, fuel consumption, ensure production safety ... Therefore, the measurement equipment in modern production is not merely measured. measurement as before, which needs to be integrated with the whole system to maximize efficiency.


Measuring equipment is an indispensable component of the Comprehensive Integrated Automation Solution (TIA) for industries. Industries that need the most measurement equipment such as Food & Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Petroleum, Mining, Energy, Metallurgy, Water & Wastewater ...
The selection of optimal measuring equipment and in accordance with the technological diagram of the factory is very important. In order to bring some benefits to customers such as:

  • Meet the needs of operating and monitoring the system to operate stably
  • Improve production operation processes and increase profits
  • Promptly detect degraded equipment and have repair plans
  • Save costs, avoid waste, remake or recall products

Currently, the market of industrial measuring equipment is quite diverse and diverse, but the most popular products are from Siemens, Horiba, Mettler Toledo ...
Siemens is one of Germany's largest industrial manufacturing groups, with headquarters in Berlin and Munich. Siemens has played an important role for over 170 years in shaping technological evolution in Germany, Europe and around the world.
To manage business operations effectively, Siemens has divided product groups into different business divisions to be in charge of. In particular, the Measurement Equipment division of Process Automation, Digital Industry Department, Siemens Corporation. The headquarter of this division is located in the German city of Karlsruhe and measurement equipment factories are located in France, Canada and China.
Siemens measuring devices include:

  1. Pressure measuring equipment: P200, P210, P220, LH100, LH300, P Compact, P300, P320, P420, P500
  2. Temperature measuring device: TS100, TS200, TS300, TS500, TS-Insert, TH100 / 320/420, TR320 / 420, TF / 320/420, Thermowell protection tube
  3. Flow measurement device: Measuring the flow according to the electromagnetic principle, Measuring the flow according to the coriolis principle, Measuring the flow according to the vortex principle, Measuring the flow according to the ultrasonic principle
  4. Level measuring device: Ultrasonic level measuring device, Radar level measuring device, Guided Radar level measuring device, Capacitive level measuring device, Level indicating device
  5. Weighing device: Platform scales, Hopper weighing, Conveyor scales, Batch system, Weighfeeding, Filling machines, Checkweighing, Solids flowmeter, Loss-in-weight
  6. Position controller: SIPART PS100, SIPART PS2

Horiba is a Japanese manufacturer with top quality in the world in the field of measuring and analytical equipment with many sophisticated sophisticated product lines that are widely used for markets such as : cars, biotechnology, environment, health, semiconductors, energy, pharmaceuticals and food technology ...
Main products of Horiba include:

  • Equipment for analyzing grain characteristics
  • Equipment for analyzing sulfur in petroleum products
  • Semiconductor products
  • Products of water quality analysis

Mettler Toledo is an American manufacturer that provides all-in-one weighing, analysis and product testing solutions throughout the customer's production line. Mettler Toledo manufactures advanced equipment such as Industrial Scales, Laboratory Scales, Rainin Pipettes and Process Analyzers.
Mettler Toledo offers the following product lines:

  • Types of laboratory scales
  • Industrial scales and load cells
  • Checking products in chains
  • Sample pipettes & pipette tips
  • Process analysis
  • Transport and logistics
  • Equipment of chemical analysis
  • Automatic chemical reaction system
  • Retail sale of food

In Vietnam, ESTEC is now the integration partner of Siemens automation solutions. At the same time, ESTEC is the official partner of both Horiba and Mettler Toledo ... on solutions and products of technology measurement, ambient quality measurement system.
In addition, ESTEC has consulting services, design, development and application of modern techniques to optimally serve the current system of customers.

Conveyor weighing system for But Son cement factory

Construction and installation of measuring equipment for the Messer Dung Quat factory

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