1. Introduction
Industrial Services are services performed for industrial electrical and control systems to protect and ensure the stability of production activities.

Industrial services of ESTEC would be provided and deployed to customers with a variety of electrical activities, control of production systems and a diverse range of industrial activities, including:

  • Troubleshooting services, repair and maintenance of electrical, automation, transmission systems.
  • Maintenance services, periodic and long-term maintenance for automatic control system.
  • Technical consulting services, solutions to improve and develop control systems.

2. Service troubleshooting, repair, maintenance of electrical, automation, transmission systems.
For production systems, especially perennial production systems, incidents during the production process are almost inevitable. However, not much customers could determine the cause and handle it in a fastest way.

With a dynamic and experienced engineers, ESTEC is confident in providing troubleshooting and repair services for the control system in during production process, to fix the system's errors in the fastest way to continue production, ensuring stability in production operation. The troubleshooting services that ESTEC provides are quite diverse such as: inverter problems, signal connection problems, industrial communication problems, software program fault identification, PLC problems, HMI, ... for PLC-SCADA systems, DCS systems, ...
In addition, ESTEC provides maintenance services for electrical and transmission systems such as maintenance of high-voltage circuit breakers, transformer oil refining, ... and engine and gearing services in heavy industry such as iron and steel industry, cement, ...
Some typical ESTEC reference services:

  • Transformer refinery service for Phu My 3 BOT power plant - Phu My industrial park (Ba Ria-Vung Tau)
  • Maintenance of high-voltage circuit breakers for GENCO3 factory - Phu My industrial park (Ba Ria-Vung Tau)
  • Maintenance of gearboxes for vertical mills of FICO Tay Ninh cement plant
  • Replace the capacity and calibration board for the S120 inverter of An Khe sugarcane plant (Gia Lai)
  • Profibus diagnostic signal service for DRC-Danang factory
  • Providing Modbus TCP / IP communication solution between 2 DCS Siemens systems and DCS Yokogawa for Ajimonoto MSG factory - Go Dau industrial park (Ba Ria-Vung Tau)
  • Upgrade computer and control system PCS7 for BOILER on board RUBYII
  • Service of fixing Modbus communication errors of DSC system for TAPECO-Tan Son Nhat airport
  • Modify service of process control for Bayer pesticide factory-AMATA industrial park (Dong Nai)
  • Service of installing measurement sensors for wastewater treatment plants Cheng Loong Binh Duong and ERETECH Tay Ninh.

3. Maintenance and periodic service for industrial control systems.

In industrial production, maintenance of the system is one of the most important tasks and be always applied to ensure the production system operated stability and continuously, especially for factories with high production intensity and almost non-stop production.
ESTEC provides maintenance services for periodic and long-term control systems to increase the safety of the system and improve customer from peace of mind in production activities. Service activities such as backup of driver program, data; industrial hygiene control devices of the system; fault diagnosis and health of control equipment; ... applied by ESTEC engineers in professionally process.

Some typical services:

  • Service maintenance, periodic maintenance and case handling 24/7 for coffee factory OUTSPAN - Nhut Chanh industrial park (Long An)
  • Service of maintenance, periodic maintenance and case-by-case handling for factory of Total-Go Dau Industrial Park (Ba Ria-Vung Tau)
  • Service maintenance of control systems and field signals for Sythomer chemical plant - VISIP1 industrial park (Thu Duc)
  • Maintenance service of Honeywell DCS system for aluminum factory.

4. Why customers trusted in ESTEC's services?

  • ESTEC is the Solution integrated partner of automation system of SIEMENS, ESTEC is also the official partner of Flender, Horiba, Rittal, Mettler Toledor ... Therefore, ESTEC has direct support from the company for all technical issues and technology.
  • ESTEC has a team of well-trained and experienced engineers working through many projects with foreign experts.
  • ESTEC performs the service in accordance with ISO 9001 quality control process.

5. Benefits that customers receive when using services of ESTEC?

  • Customers would be advised in the process of performing to have the optimization solution in production activities.
  • Ensuring the maintenance of stability in production operation

As a domestic supplier, it would be ensured a good response in terms of time with efficient service costs and long-term maintenance in service operations..

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