• A stable plant requires machinery and good equipment.
  • To ensure that we need a plan of maintenance with a reasonable method

Technical assistance


  1. Sources of vibration can be:
  • Unbalance, eccentricity
  • Alignment faults
  • Play, backlash
  • Gear meshing, gear defects
  • Antifriction bearing defects
  • Driving machine induced (electrical, belt drive…)
  • Process induced (blade passing, resonance…)

2. Mobile Service

  • A flexible and cost-effective solution for both Standard and Application Gear Units

  • Measurements using hand-held devices on site by Flender service professionals at regular intervals or when required

  • Data evaluation and diagnosis by our competent expert team

3. Benifits of Mobile Service

  • Plannable maintenance activities.
  • Optimized spare parts management.
  • Reduced maintenance costs through early detectionof wear-related anomalies.
  • Avoiding failures caused by mechanical overloads

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