1. Quantity: 01

2. Job description

- Must follow the established electrical cabinet installation procedures
- Assembling, constructing, operating, and testing electrical products according to the approved design, ensuring the technical requirements of the product.
- Follow up the assigned equipment and tools, periodically maintain and check according to regulations, and recommend external repair or purchase when necessary.

3. Require

- Qualification: Intermediate or higher in electricity, industrial electricity, mechanics, welding,...
- Experience: Priority is given to those with professional work experience in electrical engineering, and electromechanical engineering, capable of mechanical processing, welding, metal cutting, electrical construction, pulling electrical cables, wiring electrical wiring.
- Honesty, carefulness, high sense of responsibility
- Hardworking, eager to learn, enthusiastic, able to withstand pressure well
- Ability to read and understand electrical - industrial drawings
- Know how to focus on aesthetics and neatness in construction
- Dynamic, passionate, creative, friendly working environment

4. Benefits

Good remuneration:

- Wage agreement
- Implement the regime according to the State's regulations right after the end of 2 months of probation
- Quarterly bonus, annual bonus, Holiday/Tet bonus, seniority bonus, Sickness support, maternity, filial piety, .....
- Review annual salary increase
- Issuing a private insurance card to receive medical examination and treatment at good/premium hospitals
- Annual general health check-ups at high-class clinics
- Travel 02 times per year
- Along with other modes

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