1. Quantity: 01

2. Job Description:

  • Drafting official documents, drafting and negotiating contracts, contracts, making payment documents, acceptance, delivery, bidding documents.
  • Manage record storage
  • Order tracking for projects
  • Support in the implementation of quotations and bids at the request of customers.

+ Support sales staff to quote when required

  • Contract performance

+ Drafting contracts and working with management to negotiate contracts with customers.
+ Execution of purchase and sale contracts, delivery, acceptance and payment records

  • Support Marketing seminars, exhibitions, writing articles to promote products.
  • Taking care of old customers, calling to find new customers.
  • Meeting and taking care of customers when required
  • Able to travel far for business
  • Support the work of the room
  • Perform tasks assigned by superiors within the scope of work and authority

3. Requires:

  • Qualification: Business Administration, Office Clerk.
  • Proficient in using office software such as MS Project, MS Office, Word, Excel,...
  • Foreign languages: Ability to communicate, read and understand specialized documents in English
  • Support sales to take care of old customers, call to find new customers.
  • Make proposals/quotes, negotiate and sign contracts.
  • Ability to approach and handle situations flexibly and positively.
  • Confidently present, consult, and persuade well
  • Experience 1-2 years in a similar position

​4. Benefits:

  • Salary: Negotiable according to ability
  • Passionate, dynamic, creative, and sociable working environment
  • Good remuneration
  • Implement the regime according to the State's regulations right after the end of the 2-month probationary period.
  • Pay social insurance according to state regulations
  •  Quarterly bonus, annual bonus, Holiday/Tet bonus, .....
  • Issuing more private insurance cards for medical examination and treatment
  • Annual general health check-up
  • Join the company travel every year
  • Along with other modes
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