1. Quantity: 01

2. Job Description:

  • Support for in-house developed application databases and integrations
  • New database design and development
  • Responsibilities include database development, reporting development, and developing data migrations
  • Develop, maintain, and support database functionality for new business systems
  • Work to develop and maintain database functionality for our new Policy Admin system
  • Optimize and maintain databases for legacy systems
  • Solve database scale and performance issues
  • Liaise with developers to improve applications, queries, and schemas, and establish best practices
  • Support the application development, debugging, configuration, and optimization
  • Develop and maintain SQL scripts in Microsoft SQL Server
  • Develop and maintain SSRS packages
  • Define and develop a data migration and integration strategy between different products and platforms
  • Analyze existing SQL queries for performance improvements
  • Provide suggestions for optimizations and solutions to enable growth

3. Requires:

  • Graduated in Electrical - Automation, Information Technology, Mechatronics, or other technical disciplines. Priority is given to IT-OT background schools/fields.
  • More than 1 year of experience in building databases (knowing how to build on MS SQL is an advantage)
  • Having > 1 year experience in building data extraction packages (ETL/ELT, knowing how to build on MS SQL is an advantage)
  • Experience in SQL queries, stored procedures, and functions
  • Have experience in building SSIS package
  • Experience in building reports and dashboards using SSRS or other software (advantage)
  • Ability to tune and improve system performance (indexing, analyzing query execution plans) (advantage)
  • Teamwork skill
  • Problem-solving skills

1-2 years of experience in the field

4. Benefits:

  • Salary: Negotiable according to ability
  • Passionate, dynamic, creative, and sociable working environment
  • Good remuneration
  • Implement the regime according to the State's regulations right after the end of the 2-month probationary period.
  • Pay social insurance according to state regulations
  •  Quarterly bonus, annual bonus, Holiday/Tet bonus, .....
  • Issuing more private insurance cards for medical examination and treatment
  • Annual general health check-up
  • Join the company travel every year
  • Along with other modes
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