FLENDER PLANUREX2 Sugar Individual Mill Drive

FLENDER PLANUREX2 Sugar Individual Mill Drive

• PLANUREX2 in the form of Individual Mill Drives to drive your mill rolls individually. Highly compact and extremely dependable.

• Automation, Load Distribution, and coordination between the multiple drive modules are done by SIEMENS’ SINAMICS VVVF and SIMATIC Automation Systems.

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1. FLENDER PLANUREX2 Sugar Individual Mill Drive




 Planetary gear units 


 Gear stages 

 2- and 3-stage and gear unit combinations 

 Power ratings 

 up to 14,500 kW

 Transmission ratios

 up to i = 4,000
 Nominal torques   up to 4,700,000 Nm 


2. General Individual Mill Drive Concept

  • Each Roll in the mill tandem is driven individually

3. Strong Points in Choosing Individual Mill Drives

  • Increased overall power efficiency
  • Redundancy in the system in case one drive module fails
  • The right amount of torque at right roll all the time
  • Reduce:
    • Floor space, less overhead crane width required
    • No Tail Bar intermediate shafts, bearing supports, and coupling connections
    • No axial forces on the tail bar acting on the gear unit output shaft
    • The amount of spare parts, provided the drives are identical

4. Gear Unit Connection to the Mill 

  • Hollow Shaft Shrink Disc with Torque Reaction Arm
  • Cylindrical Output Shaft, Rigid Flange Coupling, with Torque Reaction Arm

    • Still maintaining “Shaft Mounted” principles but with the added extra ease to release the drive from the Mill.

  • We recommend to use Bevel Planetary setup to reduce overhung load on the output shaft induced by the weight of the electro motor.